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Inovation in Melanoma - 2019

Together for a Better Life

10th-11th May 2019, Ramada Hotel , Cluj


Friday, 10th May 2019



Coffee & Networking

9.30- 10.00

Welcome to Cluj! Why This Conference and Who We Are

Violeta Astratinei, Ph.D., President & Founder Melanom Romania 


Message from the Romanian Health Ministry 

Past Policies and Future Plans for Cancer Patients

State Secretary, Dr. Tiberius Marius Bradatan, Romanian Health Ministry



Session 1. Innovation and Access

1.1. Innovation in Melanoma

Review of Innovative Treatments

Dr. Emanuela Negru, Novara University Hospital - Italy

1.2. Initiatives for a Better Medical Care

The multidisciplinary team at Medisprof - Tumour Board

Dr. Crina Seceac / Dr. Adrian Udrea, Medisprof

1.3. The Difficult Pathway to Treatments – Patients’ Experiences

 Dr. Silvia Coman, patient, Melanom Romania

1.4. Discussion panel

Access to Diagnosis and Treatment – Between Theory and Practice

Violeta Astratinei, Melanom Romania: What Patients Say. The Need for Data Collection

Dr. Crina Seceac, Medisprof Clinical Center: Our Clinic’s Experience

Dr. Ana- Maria Forsea, Elias University Hospital: How Treatment Registries Could Help

Dr. Adriana VLAD, CJAS Cluj (local Payor) Assuring Appropriate Funds for Cancer Treatments

Sorin Petcu, IQVIA: How We Can Assist With Data Collection



Group Photo






Debate: Lagging Behind Europe. What Could the Romanian HealthCare System Still Do for Us?

Mihai Negrea and Horea Timis

Human Health Management Consulting

Pre-reading- Euro Health Consumer Index 2017



Session 2. Diagnosed with Melanoma – What is There to Be Done?

2.1. How to Get Information – Online Resources for Melanoma Patients

Violeta Astratinei and Gabriela Domnita, Melanom Romania

2.2. Guide for Melanoma Patients in Early Stages

Dr. Lavinia Grigore, Cluj Municipal Clinical Hospital

2.3. How to Protect Our Family From Melanoma

Dr. Ana Maria Forsea, Elias Hospital, Bucharest


16:00-16:30 Coffee break

2.4. A Guide for Melanoma Patients in Advanced Stages - discussion 

Dr. Razvan Curca, Alba Iulia County Emergency Hospital

2.5 Melanoma Quiz, Interactive Session

Andreea Strambu and Anca Andronic, Melanom Romania

2.6. How to Search for  the Right Clinical Trial – Part I

Workshop with Melanom Romania’s volunteers

Session 3. Posters

Organizer - Irina Popleaca, Melanom Romania

Poster 1. Pediatric Melanoma, Irina Popleaca, Melanom Romania

Poster 2. Ocular Melanoma, Ioana Dogaru, Melanom Romania

Poster 3. Clinics’ Practice – Case Study, Dr. Mihaela Zahari, Amethyst Clinical Center

Poster 4. How to Search for a Clinical Trial, Andreea Strambu, Melanom Romania

Poster 5. Guideline for Navigating Within the System, Dr. Silvia Coman

and Monica Althamer, Melanom Romania and MagiCamp

Poster 6. Updates in Genetic Testing of Melanoma, Genetic Center

Poster 7. Treating Lymphatic Edema, Oana Prunean Racasan, Vital Med Plus

Poster 8. Prevention Campaigns, Anca Andronic, Melanom Romania

Poster 9. Liquid Biopsy, Monica Neagu, Victor Babes Institute

Poster 10. Quality of Life and Palliation, Polaris Medical

19:30 Dinner & Networking at Ramada Restaurant


Saturday, 11 May

8.15 Welcome Coffee


Session 4. Options for Patients with Advanced Melanoma

4.1. Review of Systemic Treatments in Melanoma and Resume of the Previous Day

Violeta Astratinei, PhD Biologist, Melanom Romania

4.2. New Adjuvant Therapies and Our Experience with Clinical Trials

Dr. Michael Schenker, Oncology Center “St. Nectarie”

4.3. Frontier Surgery in Melanoma

Dr. Gerald Filip, Ponderas Hospital

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

4.4. Treating Side Effects – Case Studies and Discussion

Dr. Claudia Burz, IOCN, Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta”

4.5. News in Clinical Research

Dr. Andrei Ungureanu, Amethyst Clinical Center

- Neoadjuvant Therapies in Melanoma

- Adjuvant Therapies for Stage II Patients

- Treating Cerebral Metastases – A New Approach

- CAR-T cells Therapies

4.6. Discussion Panel - Sequencing Treatments in Melanoma

Dr. Andrei Ungureanu, Amethyst Clinical Center

Dr. Doru Parvu, Cardiomed Clinical Center

Dr. Michael Schenker, St. Nectarie Oncology Center

Proposed topics:

Romanian Medical Protocols and Sequences of Treatment in Melanoma

What Changes the Introduction of Adjuvant Treatments Will Bring Along

Role of Early Diagnosis and Proper Follow-Up in Treatment’s Success

How to Make Sure We Receive the Right Treatment


Group Photo


13.00– 14.00 Lunch


14.20-  18.30

Session 5.  Beyond the First Line of Treatment

5.1. International Opportunities - Second Opinion and Clinical Trials

Dr. Emanuela Negru, Novara University Hospital, Italy

5.2. Accessing Treatment Abroad – What is Paid by the Romanian State

Monica Althamer, former counselor at the Health Ministry and patient advocate at MagiCamp

5.3. Initiatives for Access to Clinical Trials

Discussion with Dr. Adelaida Marinescu, TSMO, Dr. Radu Berceanu, Affidea,

Violeta Astratinei and Gabriel Buiculescu, Melanom Romania

5.4. A Relatively Unknown Therapy – Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Dr. Ana Bancila, Neolife​ Clinical Center

5.5. Learning to Live a Better Life – Psychological Support

Dr. Dana - Cristina Herța, Cluj-Napoca University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania


17.30 Coffee break  

World Café – Searching the right clinical trial - part II

Supervisors- Melanom Romania volunteers ​


18.30 Conclusions and Conference Closure

20.00 Dinner & Networking at Piazzetta Restaurant 


Sunday, 12th May, 2019


8.30 - 12.30

6. Workshop Advocacy,  Melanom Romania




italic,  late cancelation or not confirmed speakers

program version 7th May 2019



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